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All of our knives are hand made with quality steels to deliver the best knife we can make!


Hand Made

Our knives are 100% hand made and hand sharpened. Each blade passes through the owner’s hands to ensure it is ready to be provided to my customer.

The knives are oil quenched multiple times to increase the hardness of each blade. Keep this in mind when sharpening your knife as it will take more effort to get it razor sharp. That being said, it will also take a beating before it needs to be sharpened.

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We do all of our fullfilment through Amazon so that we can focus on making the knives

What Our Customers are Saying

This knife is SOOO bad ass. I was surprised by it’s beauty and I couldn’t be happier! I will take very good care of this knife and I have added it as an EDC. W.S.

I’m extremely impressed with the beauty of this knife. The photos don’t even do it justice! O.P.

“This knife is AMAZING! It’s so beautiful and I love taking it out any excuse I get”


“Awesome knife. I carry and use it every day in my A/C company. I pry on stuff, cuts wires and use it for everything.”